Does your dog bark uncontrollably when people come over?

Does he jump on people and fail to settle?

Are walks a complete nightmare that you wish to avoid?

Out N’ About Dog Training:

  • Provides private, one-on-one training sessions scheduled at your convenience
  • Focuses on helping you have a well-mannered dog, ready to enjoy the world
  • Teaches practical cues, giving you skills that you and your dog can use every day.
  • Integrates cues into all your interactions with your dog, which creates a healthy relationship between you and your pet.
  • Addresses both general training hurdles and more serious behavior obstacles that impair your ability to enjoy your dog.

General Training Hurdles (for dogs up to 8 months of age)

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Basic manners (obedience cues) are taught, such as calmly greeting guests or another dog, walking nicely on leash, or coming when called.

  • Some dog’s behaviors are situational and only occur at the house.
  • The entire family can be involved in training the dog
  • There is flexibility in training locations and they occur wherever you want to take your dog.
  • A personalized training plan is implemented, specifically tailored to your dog’s temperament and your needs.

Serious Behavior Obstacles (for dogs 9 months and older)

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Behavior modification lessons address aggression toward other dogs or people, fear/phobias, anxiety, resource guarding and more.

  • Your dog is in a familiar environment, is often more relaxed and less stressed
  • Your dog’s behavior is thoroughly evaluated, and your home environment is taken into consideration, which directly affects the training process
  • You will be shown how to handle real life situations with your dog


Initial evaluation and plan of action for 1 hour: $200

All initial evaluations are conducted virtually through easy to use software

But don’t you need to see the problem behaviors to assess them?   Actually, no!

With more than 25 years in the field, I have a good idea of what unwanted dog behavior looks like.   Through virtual coaching, you will get immediate guidance on how to make our first in-person session much calmer, therefore setting the stage for more training success!

A single 1 hour session:           $200

4 sessions:                 $760

7 sessions:                 $1260

If you still have questions, call 619-417-2368