The results are amazing!

We wanted to make sure that our new pup, Zoe, was trained from an early age since we knew she was going to be a large dog and it’s no fun when 55 lbs of energetic fur doesn’t behave. We tried the group courses at a local chain pet store and, while great for socialization & basic commands, weren’t satisfied with the results. After getting a referral from a former customer of Julie’s at a dog park we decided to give her a try. Julie’s approach to training was very effective & we easily related to it. We liked that [...]

We have seen such an improvement

I am very thankful and fortunate to have taken puppy classes from Julie with Out N' About Training! Our new dog is a very large breed, so excellent training was imperative to his development. The training techniques used were very effective and easy to implement both at home and in class. The ratio of dogs to instructors was great, with a lot of personal attention given to each dog's individual needs. When we first started the class, my puppy was VERY timid, unsocial, and afraid of other dogs and new places. By the end of the series of classes he [...]

How to correct behaviors quickly and simply

When we brought our 6 week old yellow lab home, we had no idea what we were in for. He was so cute to look at, but he did whatever he wanted – wherever he wanted! He was fun to play with, until he started biting – and it hurt! Julie’s one-on-one classes showed us (all 4 family members) how to correct these behaviors quickly and simply. Instead of just one person learning the training we were all there to watch her in action, which helped us all be consistent in teaching him to behave. By coming to our home [...]

A superbly talented trainer

Our dog Mosi has always been a bit of a challenge:  a stray rescued from the deserts of New Mexico, Mosi is very smart, very energetic, and very independent.  But Mosi has met her match in Julie Schmitt. Julie is a superbly talented trainer, and her boarding facilities are excellent.  Satisfaction guaranteed! Joanna and David

Makes a world of difference

The training we received from Julie has helped Koda become a wonderful addition to our family. We got Koda when she was 11 weeks old. We knew that with her being a Bull Terrier that training needed to start at once. Julie has taught both Koda and us how basic obedience training makes a world of difference with getting a new puppy. The one on one training sessions work the best with Koda since she is eager to explore the world and people around her. We have a road ahead of us but with Julie's guidance and assistance the future [...]

She now responds to commands

We took our Yorkie Chloe to Out 'N About dog training after high recommendations from a friend. Because Chloe is a cute and friendly dog, our family had completely spoiled her to the point that she got away with whatever she wanted. We hadn't been able to house train her, she slept in our bed and woke us up every day at 5 AM, she jumped up on every visitor, and when we let her outside, she would take off to visit every house in the neighborhood. We hesitated to get her trained, because we didn't want her to lose [...]

I knew we had made the right decision!

When our family adopted an 8 week old Wheaten Terrier, we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. He chewed on everything, pottied in the house, jumped on everyone who came over, dug up the yard, ran away every time the door was opened..the list goes on and on. We knew we couldn't go on like this! We thought we could train him ourselves, and realized that wasn't the case. When I finally called Julie, I knew we had made the right decision! She not only trained Earl, but us as well! Julie taught us how to modify [...]

She helps you understand your dog

Julie's extensive knowledge of instinctual dog behaviors is invaluable to successful obedience training. She helps you understand your dog and teaches you how to correct unwanted behaviors so you end up with a happy, trustworthy dog. Meredith and Trooper

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