Serving all of San Diego, Out N’ About Dog Training can help you regain control over your dog, restore calmness to your daily routine and remind you of the joy dogs bring to your life. Regardless of your dog’s issues, you will see a difference in your dog’s behavior and have a better understanding of their actions within the first consultation, therefore, ensuring a transformative experience.

With over 25 years of training dogs and people, Julie Schmitt is one of the most knowledgeable and credentialed dog trainers in the San Diego region.  She can help your dog become a thinking, well-behaved member of your family.

Her training techniques are scientifically based, gentle, and effective.  They focus on having your dog respond to you out of a desire to do something right, not out of fear of doing something wrong. (Read more about Positive Dog Training)

Her methods are easy to implement, make sense, and provide long term solutions instead of quick fixes.

Because of her background as a licensed Guide Dog Mobility Instructor and working with the visually impaired, she knows how to explain dog training in a way that is easy to understand for people of all ages.  Most importantly, she will show you how to make dog training fun and practical so it fits into your everyday interactions with your dog.  She will prove to you that it takes less time than you think to change your dog’s unwanted behavior and make them a more enjoyable companion.

Out N’ About Dog Training offers complete flexibility in scheduling and training locations.  Most sessions begin in the privacy of your home and once your dog is ready, private training gives you the opportunity to train your dog wherever you want to take them; such as the beach, a park, going for a cup of coffee, or for a stroll in your neighborhood.  Julie employs a combination of dog obedience training and behavior modification techniques to create a personalized training program to fit the specific needs of your household and your pet.

Offering experience you can trust, Out N’ About Dog Training’s goals are to generate confident, happy, responsive dogs that everyone will enjoy.


“I feel prepared and knowledgeable as a dog owner and trainer.  My dog has a longer attention span.  She looks for direction and guidance from me – “what’s next Ma?”  I really enjoyed coming to class and thought it was great.  Julie is in complete control and so professional and friendly.  She really impressed me from the start!

– Jenn and Tiki