Behavior Consulting and Training

Does your dog bark uncontrollably when people come over? Are walks no longer a fun experience? Have you already taken an obedience class without much success? Out N’ About Dog Training will come to you to provide private, one-on-one sessions scheduled at your convenience.  We focus on helping you have a well-mannered dog, ready to enjoy the world.  Practical cues are taught, giving you skills that you and your dog can use every day.  These cues are integrated into all your interactions with your dog and are the cornerstone for a healthy relationship between you and your pet.

Behavior Management

Do you need some assistance getting things back on track for those few problem areas? As life changes, so can your relationship with your dog. Sometimes you may need solutions to a couple of behavior problems that have developed over time. By having a trainer come directly to your home to observe the behaviors, the problems can quickly be assessed and a modification program can be implemented that fits your needs and is specifically tailored to your dog.

Board and Train Services

Too busy to train your dog? Julie Schmitt will do it for you in the privacy of her home.  Julie offers this service to train your dog for a minimum of a three-week period. During this time, your dog will be taught basic on-leash obedience cues such as sit, down, stay, relaxed leash walking, and come. Your dog will be able to perform these cues even in the most distracting environments.

Day Training Services

Does your dog have only a few behaviors that you would like to see changed?  Have your walks with your dog become too stressful?  Not sure if your dog is aggressive or fearful?  Let us take the reins to create a more joyful dog in as little as two weeks!  Have a trainer come to your house multiple times a week to train your dog while you are out and about.