We took our Yorkie Chloe to Out ‘N About dog training after high recommendations from a friend. Because Chloe is a cute and friendly dog, our family had completely spoiled her to the point that she got away with whatever she wanted. We hadn’t been able to house train her, she slept in our bed and woke us up every day at 5 AM, she jumped up on every visitor, and when we let her outside, she would take off to visit every house in the neighborhood. We hesitated to get her trained, because we didn’t want her to lose her playfulness and her loving character but she was ruining our carpets and our sleep!

After three weeks with Julie she returned as a different dog. She still has every bit of her loving playfulness, but she now responds to commands to keep her behavior appropriate to the situation. She now sleeps in her crate all night, is completely house trained, and will still run and play with the children, but no longer jumps on people inappropriately. We would highly recommend Julie as very professional and effective, and at the same time kind and loving to the dogs that she trains.

Jim and Kirsten C.