Dogs Today can live a great life always being on a leash.

When we see a person and their dog at a neighborhood park or at the beach, where their dog is off leash, yet walking in stride with their owner, their life together looks good! In fact, their time together looks perfect. Many owners contact me wanting to replicate this exact [...]

Dogs Today can live a great life always being on a leash.2020-08-12T13:50:10-07:00

Dogs Today are affected by many stressors.

Ever have one of those days where things just don’t go as planned? You start your day as usual, but encounter an unexpected traffic jam on your morning commute. So you try to get some work done with a few phone calls, but your cell phone cuts out at the [...]

Dogs Today are affected by many stressors.2020-08-12T13:51:28-07:00

Dogs Today are all for recycling

   It’s all about perception. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I’m not suggesting you empty out your trash cans and let your dog have at it, but I am suggesting we take a look at items that are already destined for recycling and figure out [...]

Dogs Today are all for recycling2020-08-12T13:53:50-07:00

Dogs Today function better with social distancing

In light of all that it going on in our world, our dogs are the ones that will continue to benefit from social distancing.   Social Distancing is Nothing New For many, learning the term “social distancing” is new.  However, the concept is actually not. The first known use started [...]

Dogs Today function better with social distancing2020-08-12T13:56:40-07:00

Dogs Today…..

need to warm up.  What would happen if a track star began their race without warming up their body first, or a concert pianist gave a performance without warming up their fingers on the keyboard?  They would be setting themselves up to get physically hurt or give a performance that [...]

Dogs Today…..2019-11-21T08:12:51-08:00

Dogs Today…..

are selfish.  Given the chance, they will go for gold.  It’s rarely 70% effort.  When chasing a squirrel, how often do you see a dog trotting after one?  I’d say never.  When playing with another dog friend, we marvel at the speed dogs exhibit, and the energy they so freely [...]

Dogs Today…..2019-09-21T14:53:09-07:00

Training a dog can be so frustrating!

This behavior drove me crazy this morning!  You may be thinking, "What behavior?  I see two dogs calmly resting in the grass.  How lovely."  Well, it's what happened BEFORE this picture that was pushing my buttons.  We had just come back from our morning walk and play time in the [...]

Training a dog can be so frustrating!2019-08-23T11:09:11-07:00

PTSD of a Dog Attack

My dog got attacked yesterday.  We hadn’t even left our own driveway.  I saw the dog walking toward us from across the street and didn’t know it was going to be so awful that I would blank out a portion of it from my memory.  He wasn’t racing toward us, [...]

PTSD of a Dog Attack2020-05-13T15:23:34-07:00

Why Should I Attend a Puppy Class?

Believe it or not, dogs have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old child and can learn upwards of 200-300 words. Not that they are completely equal to children, but their development is surprisingly similar. So let's think about this - given the option, most parents are sending their 2-3 [...]

Why Should I Attend a Puppy Class?2019-06-06T15:17:18-07:00

Body Language

I was on a run the other day with my Standard Poodle and my Bichon-Shih Tzu mix (yes, the little one DOES like to run!) when a somewhat scary thing happened.  We were toward the end of our jog when I heard this panting behind me.  As I looked back, [...]

Body Language2013-05-13T21:57:53-07:00