Julie has been a tremendous help in teaching me how to handle my 80-pound puppy, Buddy!  While I was clumsily attempting to teach Buddy simple commands like “sit” and “down,” Buddy was teaching me more complex ones (using visual aids!!!), like bringing me his leash when he wanted to go for a walk or a ride or rattling his dish when he was thirsty or hungry.  Clearly I needed help and Julie’s been a remarkable trainer.  She taught me to give a name to the things he does on his own and helped his socialization with other dogs.  Buddy has become a gentle giant who loves to play.  Even roughhousing on play dates with his canine friends, he displays a gentle temperament.  I owe much of how I have learned to handle this handful to Julie and her methods and recommend her to others who want to enjoy the company of a happy, playful and loving canine companion, whether large or small.  Training is absolutely essential and there is no one better than Julie.

David C.