Julie is an excellent dog trainer! Let me start by saying that in case you just want to skip the rest of my review. We contacted Julie to address a behavior issue with our 3 year old poodle/terrier mix (Louis) – he did not like people or dogs, would bark at everyone passing by or entering the house, he even bit a couple of relatives. On our first session Julie got to work right away by conducting an assessment and explaining the techniques to apply to help out Louis; she did not waste a single minute with non-value added information; she got to the point and was very hands on right from the beginning.

We started seeing results immediately during our first walk; Louis was much calmer and relaxed around people. Even visitors would tell us that they could see a big difference; some even said “he is like a totally different dog.” We also took our 3 month old puppy (Mina) to puppy class with Julie. The class was a great experience, was very well organized and fun. I am glad we took the class, Mina now understands commands such as sit, stay, down, come, leave it,  etc, also the socialization time during class was excellent for her.
I highly recommend Julie Schmitt! You will be happy with the results.