As the New Year approaches, we often start making resolutions to start afresh. This year, instead of waiting till January, or till we break our own resolutions (let’s be real, how long do they truly last…..) try something different and stick to one of these fun resolutions below.

5 Fun New Year Dog Resolutions:

1. Play with your dog more often

Structured play with specific rules increases your connection with your dog. For instance, when tossing a ball, ask your dog to do something you want (literally ANYTHING), then give them what they want – the ball. Contact me to learn how to make anything a game! Game based learning is “a thing” and so much more fun for the teacher and the learner!

2. Listen to a new podcast

Here are two of my favorites: Sexier Than a Squirrel and Dogs That

3. Teach your dog a new trick

Parlor tricks are fun and easy, who cares if you have to use a treat to make it happen! I work for treats as well. Here’s one of my favorites: 5 Tricks To Teach Your Dog That Will Exercise Them At Home!

4. Walk your dog in a new location or a new time of day

I’m a house lookie-loo and love looking at how homes are landscaped. This time of year, hop in the car and drive to a different neighborhood to view the holiday decorations. Bundle up, grab a cup of hot coco and go for an evening stroll, it’s not very often that we San Diegans get to experience a bit of cooler weather.

5. Observe your dog and find out their natural instinct

Are they a hunter of lizards and bugs, ball chaser, sniffer, or foodie? Then incorporate these items in daily enrichment opportunities. Join this private Facebook group that discusses canine enrichment: Canine Enrichment Ideas