Leroy Has Been Transformed

WOW!  I had almost given up on being able to take my boy Leroy for a walk without him reacting to every dog he sees.  He had been at another in-kennel training program for 5 weeks with mixed results, so I decided to try one more time with a different [...]

We Started Seeing Results Immediately

Julie is an excellent dog trainer! Let me start by saying that in case you just want to skip the rest of my review. We contacted Julie to address a behavior issue with our 3 year old poodle/terrier mix (Louis) - he did not like people or dogs, would bark [...]

Our Walks are Pleasant and Enjoyable.

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks? My dog Jack, 9 year old Papillion, had 3 individual sessions with Julie and he is a changed dog! Jack would become extremely anxious when he saw other dogs and had difficulty socializing with them once they got close to him. [...]

She is a completely different dog

Julie is AWESOME!!! My puppy was out of control & never listened to a word I said. I wanted to make sure my pup was trained properly not only for her healthy life and my sanity but also for my two toddlers. Julie had an in home visit where she [...]

The dog is much happier and so are we!

“My family’s six-month old Weimaraner had grown to be a big, lovable puppy who was trying to rule the household and everyone in it! She was more than our family could handle – but Julie’s three week Board & Training course was just the answer for her. Julie got to [...]

A tremendous help

Julie has been a tremendous help in teaching me how to handle my 80-pound puppy, Buddy!  While I was clumsily attempting to teach Buddy simple commands like “sit” and “down,” Buddy was teaching me more complex ones (using visual aids!!!), like bringing me his leash when he wanted to go [...]

We’re huge fans

Lucky would not walk out the front door. She would sit down as soon as we put her collar on and she'd dig in her heels if we tried to move her. This has gotten progressively worse over the last few months. Julie had Lucky walking out the front door [...]

The results are amazing!

We wanted to make sure that our new pup, Zoe, was trained from an early age since we knew she was going to be a large dog and it’s no fun when 55 lbs of energetic fur doesn’t behave. We tried the group courses at a local chain pet store [...]

We have seen such an improvement

I am very thankful and fortunate to have taken puppy classes from Julie with Out N' About Training! Our new dog is a very large breed, so excellent training was imperative to his development. The training techniques used were very effective and easy to implement both at home and in [...]

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